The Challenge

The Pinkston group was approached by the The Christian School at Castle Hills when they were put in a position of needing to raise money to purchase the building of their school. With a goal of $12 million in mind, it was quickly realized that they would need more than just word of mouth and fundraising to reach their goal. The Pinkston Group was tasked with creating a fundraising website with a companion booklet that focused on the stories of the students and faculty of the school while bringing attention to their fundraising needs. 


Pinkston Group


The Christian School at Castle Hills


Fundraising Website, booklet, art installation piece, video

My Role





The Website & Booklet

The fundraising campaign was was centered around one word: transformed. In the beginning stages of this project, I was given a list of the school's values. This list served as the inspiration for the organization of the site. I chose four of these values and used them as the foundations for the featured stories on the site and in the accompanying booklet. Photography played a crucial aspect in the design of the website. Each story needed to have a human feel to it. I decided to go with warmer images that were inviting, friendly and genuine. These images were used heavily across the site and the design of the booklet.  The school's mascot, an eagle, was another element that pops up throughout the design of the site, booklet, and installation piece. I wanted to capture the idea that once a student is an eagle, they are always an eagle. That as they enter the school, they are transformed into a Castle Hills eagle and take the lessons learned with them as they continue to move through their lives. This thinking lead me to the idea to create the installation piece made in the shape of a globe out of 1,000 folded paper eagles, representing how Castle Hills eagles leave their mark on the world. 

The Installation Piece

The following images show in detail an installation piece created for The Christian School at Castle Hills. 1,000 blue and yellow eagles (the school's mascot) were hand folded and strung to create a globe. This piece was created to aide in fundraising efforts for the school as it raised money to purchase the land their building sits on. The piece needed to be eye catching and impactful, but also practical to assemble and disassemble and move from location to location.

The design sits on a gird. At each intersection a line is hung with eagles attached that correlate to a position on the globe. The yellow eagles make up land masses and the blue eagles make up water. Each line can be individually detached and placed in a bag for transport.